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JULY 16, 2018


We all know that the main thing you need to do in business to succeed is to beat out the competition, but it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Finding ways to rise and shine above the competition don’t need to be difficult though, and in fact it can be quite a fun challenge to come up with creative ways that make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re wondering just how you can get started, never fear. Here are some foolproof ways you can start creating the kind of business that smashes the competition.

Create A Stunning Website

Okay, this one might take a bit of money to start up due to the fact that if you want a site that really stands out you may need to hire a website designer as well as pay hosting fees. Depending on the company you go with for hosting it can be anything from a couple dollars to fifty or sixty dollars per month. Business and professional packages often cost much more than personal packages but they come with numerous perks such as customer service on call, customisable options and more and so are well worth it for a business that is just starting out who may need a bit of support along the way.

The work doesn’t stop there though and creating a great website is just one step in a process to making yourself stand out amongst the competition. A lot of dental surgeries have older, unattractive, and bulky websites. Studies have shown that sites with crisp, bright colours and an easy user interface get the most attention from would-be customers and have the highest rates of conversion. In fact, here are some key design features that you should consider adding to your website to make sure any visitors to your virtual clinic have the best experience possible, making it more likely they will choose you as their next dentist.

In Terms Of Navigation

  • Easy to use and consistent navigation bar
  • Easy to find links, clear links, lots of backlinking to other portions of the site
  • Search options
  • Site Map
  • Giving the user a feeling of control over their navigation experience (ie: user friendliness)

In Terms Of Aesthetics

  • Use of images relevant to the business page
  • Clear, sharp images
  • Use of multimedia (ie: video and images)
  • Crisp and clear fonts, text and colouring
  • Easy to navigate layout
  • Colour use that is complementary to other colours on the site
  • Using white space effectively and avoiding visual overload (ie: keeping the site clear and simple but providing enough visual stimuli to engage the audience)

If you’re interested in reading the full report based off the preferences of website design and suggestions for implementation, you can do so here.
Digital Marketing Is Your Friend
When it comes to marketing and getting your site noticed, it’s a good idea to implement the use of SEO (search engine optimisation) in order to rank higher and higher in Google searches done by potential clients. This means your website and company will be one of the first listed in the results. It’s important to do this properly though for optimum results and to follow Google’s rules about SEO and backlinks so your site doesn’t get penalised (and set back in the results).

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the best ways to start is to identify the competition and check out what they’re doing – specifically what keywords they are using in their site content to help get them noticed. Then you will have an idea of what keywords work well and which ones don’t, so you can have a starting point to creating great site content that will get you and your business noticed.

If you’re struggling, consider hiring an SEO expert in digital marketing. While they may cost a bit from the outset, the time and hassle they will save you to create some seriously stellar search results will have you recouping costs in no time.
Brand Identity

Creating a brand and getting behind that brand is key to rising above the competition. After all, how can you expect your customers to want to be loyal to your brand if you can’t stand behind it? Creating a trustworthy brand that people are happy to support is a great way to beat the competition as well. But how can you do this? What steps can you take to creating a viable, marketable and strong brand identity?

Instead of viewing your brand as a business and your customer base as a multitude of faceless, nameless consumers, see both as individual people. You want to be friends, right? And bring in more friends to join the group. Identify your target audience or ideal customer base and create your brand to be a friend to that specific customer type. For example, if you want to bring in families, create a brand that isn’t just professional, but fun too. Make it a dentist’s practice children don’t detest going to by adding little extras that other dentists don’t like toys, books kids can take home and the like. Sponsor a local pee wee team or provide food for a local community lunch and the like. By building a brand the community will see and get behind, you will outshine the competition and people will be more likely to value your business and you as a member of their family.

Engaging Your Target Customer Base

To engage your target customer base, you need to get to know them and they need to get to know you. So get out into your local community and engage them by getting to know them up close and personally through community projects. Invite people to an open house for your new practice and offer an incentive such as 50% off cleanings if booked within a month of the open house. Showcasing your business and yourself and staff in this way will help promote you as a friendly, welcoming face that is happy to get their hands dirty to help their community which in turn will help you stand out among the others.

If you need help with the above then get in touch with our marketing specialists, we will build out a custom marketing strategy to help your dental practice smile and grow.


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