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In this article, we will be running though some key initiatives you can implement in your practice to grow your business by introducing more new patients & then implementing structures around retaining your existing patients.

The dental industry has been smashed with growing interests from corporates which has resulted in smaller practices to be more agile and active in heir marketing structures. Do not rely on any 1 form of marketing – you need to have a multifaceted approach. Here are four tips to get new patients into your practice:

  1. Who do you know in the industry

    Having positive & strong relationships will create a consistent flow of new patients through the door. Creating new referral sources on the back of trust and knowledge is a requirement to be competitive. Any practice looking to refer patients need to understand that their patients will have a positive experience and that the referral provides a good experience both ways and has no adverse impact.You can use industry events, linkedin & alumni events to invest time to build this types if relationships to encourage a flow of new patients.

  2. Measure your marketing performance

    If you invest in marketing for your practice you need to measure the performance of your advertising channels individually so you can clearly identify what is working & where the opportunity to improve is. Firstly you need to build out some achievable milestones, for example 20 new patients per month – to generate this goal you may need to have a Google Ads campaign and a sales funnel landing page to highly target new patients for certain treatments.You can use google analytics smart goals, google search console, call tracking and a CRM platform to manage the entire user journey.

  3. What are your competitors doing

    The health sector is experiencing growing revenues & increased competition. Competition is healthy as it typically inspires quality of service and drives competitive pricing. You should be monitoring your competitors activity based on both their digital marketing and offline marketing strategies. there are useful tools you can use to monitor the way they engage their audience & what kinds of messages they are sending. You may be surprised at how actives some competitors are.

  4. The second page of Google is the best place to hide

    Digital marketing will be your best friend when creating a new patient strategy but it all starts with a strong high converting website. Creating a search engine optimisation, Google Ads & email marketing campaigns will form your holistic marketing strategies. If you are not active in these areas of marketing you may as well use the yellow pages and ignore the phone ringing.


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