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4 principles to build a high converting dental website

Dental clinic owners on average invest $4,380 per month in dental marketing each month in Australia according to a recent study. Dental practices are becoming more vigilant & growing their digital marketing reach to capture their patients no matter what platform they are using.

In this article we will be discussing how crucial the foundation of your digital marketing strategy is, this begins with your website. If your practice has any marketing campaign to increase new patient volumes or grow your brand you need to measure the efficacy of your efforts. Importantly, if you invest in advertising to drive traffic to your website which is not optimized for your audience then you will not generate the right conversion rate resulting in wasting budget and losing new patients.

Here are some of the key areas of focus in a holistic marketing strategy that typically feed into a website.

Google Ads
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Email Marketing

With the above advertising services its crucial you have the perfect website foundation so when you generate clicks to your website they turn into engagement. If you have an old, outdated website that does not reflect your brand or generate a trusting experience you will be losing new patients & wasting away our marketing dollars.

Stop wasting your dental marketing investment and measure your campaign.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so get smart with a holistic dental website and increase your new patient flow.

You can use these 4 simple principles to build a high converting dental website:

  1. Generating traffic is just the start, don’t waste your marketing dollars sending your potential patients to a website that doesn’t show trust, credibility, booking, treatment & payment options. First you need to understand the performance of your website so login to your Google Analytics and check what your current bounce rate % is.
    A bounce rate is the measurement of people going onto your website and jumping off without engaging with anything on your website.If your bounce rate is above 50% there is room for improvement & the higher your bounce rate means there is a bigger opportunity to improve your website to provide a better user experience.

  2. Trust triggers are a crucial part of any high converting website structure. Trust triggers include your qualifications, affiliations & ultimately help prospective visitors how much value you can provide. Another important part of a high converting dental website is to ensure you have a prominently featured head dentist section. People in the community need to connect with the dental team and feel comfortable with who they are choosing for their smile.Adding a dentist profile featuring on the homepage potentially including a video which highlights a mini biography of the dentist yields positive results and has high interaction on websites.

  3. Health care providers allow more people to use your services. If you have affiliations with major health fund providers & alike its crucial you add these above the fold of the website. Above the fold of your dental website means a user will be able to view the health fund providers without scrolling down on your website.In this day and age people are increasingly impatient so giving consumers the most important information as quickly as possible supports increased conversions.

  4. Online Booking Options – You need to cater for all audiences and people are often searching during work hours making it difficult to call so providing convenient booking options will allow you to engage more new patients.
    Make sure people can make bookings easily with your dental practice & you have the right CRM system setup to have an easy flow from patient to reception staff to dentist.


If you were ever questioning the value of your dental marketing strategy, the very first place to begin looking into is your website.
It’s a lot simpler than it seems at first, and it’s a best practice that you need to start doing today.


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